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The A-TAP is an alliance of the University of Birmingham (UOB) and the University of Oxford (Oxford) and seven NHS partners. In order to ensure the aims of all partners are met, a governance structure is in place to oversee the strategic vision, delivery and management of all activities which will be delivered through the A-TAP. This oversight will be delivered by three main committees comprising of the:-

• A-TAP Executive Committee which provides strategic oversight for the programme.  The group also includes external advisors. Annual meetings are held to review progress and provide strategic oversight.

• A-TAP Management Committee which oversees progress against defined milestones for the A-TAP, review all new proposals and review project delivery. Termly meetings are held to review progress and review/prioritise A-TAP projects.

• A-TAP Operational Committee oversees the delivery of the A-TAP, implementation of the projects and their delivery including reviewing recruitment to time and target. Monthly meetings are held to review progress and oversee implementation of projects.