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Principal Investigator Prof Chris Buckley 
University of Birmingham University of Oxford
Dr Francesca Barone Prof Fiona Powrie
Becky Birch Dr Hussein Al-Mossawi
Dr Sarah Bowden Prof Paul Bowness
Prof Simon Bowman Prof Andrew Carr
Dr Andrew Filer Dr Stephanie Dakin
Dr Ben Fisher Dr Laura Coates
Prof Pam Kearns Dr Mark Coles
Dr Claire Potter Prof Brian Marsden
Prof Karim Raza Dr Jonathan Sherlock
University Hospitals Birmingham Dr Catherine Swales
Joanna Gray Prof Peter Taylor
Joanne Plumb Jonathan Truslow
University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire Cloe Vassart                                                    
Dr Kaushik Chaudhuri Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals
Dr Shirish Dubey Dr Jocelyn Bell
Dr Nicola Gullick Dudley Group of Hospitals
Becky Haley Dr Karen Douglas
Dr John Hattersley Dr Nicola Erb
Prof Chris Imray Prof S Ishak
Sean James George Kitas
Ceri Jones Dr Rainer Klocke
Dr Harpal Randeva Dr Adrian Pace
Modality Partnership Dr Rav Sandhu
Dr Mina Gupta Dr Andrew Whallett
Dr Naresh Rati  Walsall Healthcare
Dr James Halpern