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Postdoc advisors 

 Informal and confidential career discussion sessions for NDORMS contract staff can be booked at any time with: 

Philippa Hulley

Assoc Prof Philippa Hulley 

(Botnar 1) 

Moved country 5 times, 4 research institutes, foreign PhD, foreign postdoc, foreign early career fellowship, 2 UK career Fellowships, twice tenured South Africa and UK.


Kim Midwood

Prof Kim Midwood


Post Doc experience in the US and UK, early and senior fellowships, grant review panels, balancing research with family life, tenure track.   


David Beard

Prof David Beard

(Botnar 2) 

Several research institutes. Moved countries- UK/Australia. Kids and family. Career fellowships. Tenured. Clinical Interface. National committee and NIHR representation 


James Edwards

Dr James Edwards 

(Botnar 1) 

Oxford student to Oxford PI via alternative paths in scientific research through US, Australia and UK; fellowship and industry funding approaches, building a family life in and around academic sciences. 


Audrey GérardDr Audrey Gérard


4 Research institutes- 3 EU countries and USA. Post doc experience in the US and Netherlands. Grant writing. Balancing research with family life.       


Jelena Bezbradica MirkovicDr Jelena Bezradica Mirkovic 


PhD and post doc in US, Postdoc in Australia, postdoc fellowship and early career grants, starting up a new lab, working towards tenure, finding balance in research and family life.                                   


Anjali KusumbeAnjali Kusumbe






Your point of contact if you want to feed ideas/comments/requests through to Division or for general discussion by the NDORMS Postdoc Advisor group.

James Dunford






Jim Dunford