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NDORMS is committed to developing and supporting the postdocs in the department. Our team of Postdoc Advisors is available to help and guide you through opportunities and challenges. You all have access to a divisional mentoring scheme.

Informal and confidential career discussion sessions for NDORMS contract staff can be booked at any time with: 

Associate Professor Philippa Hulley

Assoc Prof Philippa Hulley 
(Botnar 1)

Dr Linda Troeberg

Dr Linda Troeberg 

Professor Kim Midwood

Prof Kim Midwood 

Professor David Beard

Prof David Beard 
(Botnar 2)


Dr James Edwards
(Botnar 1) 


Dr Audrey Gérard


Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic

postdoc contacts

Your point of contact if you want to feed ideas/comments/requests through to Division or for general discussion by the NDORMS Postdoc Advisor group.

Jim Dunford

Jim Dunford


Sara Mathie


NDORMS research staff are also invited to participate in the Medical Sciences Divisional peer mentoring scheme. A number of NDORMS senior staff are already active mentors in this scheme.

The scheme involves the formation of peer mentoring circles comprising 3-4 members of research staff and one more senior member of staff, which will meet at least 4 times in 2015. It aims to support the development of researchers across the Division by:

  • Encouraging self-reflection 
  • Increasing networking opportunities through peer circles 
  • Providing access to senior staff members outside of the researchers’ home department

Mentors often gain as much as their mentees from the process and find that it provides an opportunity to review their own experience.

Mentors must be experienced researchers, but could be at different stages of their careers. For example:

Academic staff, PIs, Senior/experienced postdocs (especially those wishing to develop their mentoring skills)

For more information and details on how to register see