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Academics and non-academics with an interest in statistics are invited to join our annual programme of talks and lectures on statistical topics

The Oxford local Royal Statistical Society (RSS) branch brings together anyone with an interest in statistics in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. We organise an annual programme of events and lectures on statistical topics.

Our events are free and include refreshments.

Academics and non-academics are all welcome to join this local RSS chapter. If you are interested in hearing about our events, please join our mailing list. We are always interested in new ideas for events and lectures, so do get in touch!

Royal statistical society

The RSS promotes the importance of statistics and data. This professional body for statisticians and data analysts has more than 6,000 members in the UK and across the world.

The RSS advocates the key role of statistics and data in society, and works to ensure that policy formulation and decision making are informed by evidence for the public good.

It works towards:

  • Statistics and the public interest
  • Education and statistical literacy
  • Developing the profession of statistician
  • Strengthening the discipline of statistics

Oxford local committee


Other members

  • Jacqueline Birks
  • Michael Bonsall
  • Mei Sum Chan
  • Prabin Dahal
  • Jennifer de Beyer (co-opted)