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The workshop will start with a reception followed by a Saturday evening keynote session with talks by Cosima Baldari and Art Weiss. Baldari pioneered work on intraflagellar transport in the immunological synapse and direct impact of the SARS CoV2 spike protein on T cell activation. Weiss’ early work on calcium signalling and ZAP-70 helped establish the field. He will present new data on the mechanism of a pH dependent checkpoint in TCR signalling. They will both discuss their experiences with shaping the culture of the field over the past 30 years.

The science sessions will start on Monday morning. The program from 2022 was highly praised in the evaluations so we have followed some same scheme progression from antigen receptor structure (Session 1), biophysics (Session 2), T-cell receptor (Session 3) and B-cell receptor (Session 4) signalling, vesicular traffic at the immune synapse (Session 5), immunometabolism (Session 6), lymphocyte differentiation (Session 7), immunopathology (Session 8) and immunotherapy (Session 9). 

Systems immunology was highlighted in the evaluations as an important area so we have invited Gregoire Altan-Bonnet in response to this suggestion. After the first poster session, day 2 will end on a special interdisciplinary lecture by Chiara Romagnani, an expert in innate memory.

We will also have two special talks on "Speaking to the public" by Anne Spurkland who educated Norwegians on Covid-19, and the "Future of scientific publishing" by Bernd Pulverer, one of the founders of DORA.  Posters are up for the entire meeting as there is plenty of space under the cloisters to generate discussion at any time during the meeting.

Ample time has been allotted to networking (coffee breaks, meet-the-scientist sessions, social events).

You can download a copy of the program here.


Time Speaker name and topic of talk
14:00-18:30 Registrations
18:30 Welcome cocktail
19:00 Dinner

Welcome remarks by Mike Dustin

20:45-21:30 Cosima Baldari, "Lymphocyte antigen receptor signalling- it’s all about getting together"
21:30-22:15 Arthur Weiss, “Calcium fluxes to pH-dependent checkpoints- never-ending wonders of antigen receptor signalling.