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We also want additional patient partners to be involved in monthly “Meet the Researcher” discussions to hear about our research, help develop research proposals, and support reviewing of research findings. If you are interested please see details below.


We will be running monthly events, initially online via Zoom, for health researchers to share their ideas, studies and results with patients and the wider public. We would love for you to join us. As well as hearing about our work, we would appreciate your input to these research studies. We might ask you to give your ideas on:

  • Research design and patient commitment required 
  • Identifying ways in which the study could be improved
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusivity of access to research activities
  • Helping researchers communicate the findings in a way everybody can understand

Talks are the fourth Monday of the month at 1pm.  There are no talks scheduled in August and December.

Next 4 talks: May 24, June 28, July 26, Sept 27 2021

Next Event - Monday May 24 1pm

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Rachel Kuo

Rachel Kuo 

Shihfan Jack Tu

Moving Pictures - Dr Jack Tu

Pain around or behind the kneecap is a common complaint for many people, including after knee replacement. The path the kneecap travels when the knee bends may be altered by surgery and cause pain. How common this issue is, is unknown because no standard method of its assessment is available currently.  Dr Stephen Mellon and Dr Jack Tu of Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre are developing a new method for doing quick assessments of the kneecap path and investigating pain following knee replacement.


Facilitator - Natalie Ford

Natalie Ford

Natalie is Outreach and Engagement Officer for NDORMS and will be introducing the speakers and asking your questions.  Please let her know on if you have any questions that you would like to submit in advance.  

Previous Events



In this talk, we will explore the psychological influences of recovery and why asking the wrong questions may give you the wrong answers! He will also reflect on why the voices of patients and the public have become so important in directing the research he conducts.

Prof Steve Gwilym is a surgeon and scientist who is interested in the factors that influence patients outcomes after traumatic injuries. Prof Gwilym holds research grants looking into the outcomes from traumatic injury as well as having published extensively on the subject.

In addition there will be a short briefing on

Can we predict arthritis development without seeing patients? - A patient led study across Europe looking at development of Psoriatic Arthritis in patients with psoriasis.


You do not need any specialist research or medical knowledge to volunteer. Additional information to explain about our research process will be provided.  Training in research methods and the PPI role will be available if this would be helpful. 


If you are interested in hearing more about these sessions, please contact