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CURE International

Members of the Oxford University Global Surgery Group have supported the following training activities and resources.

OUGSG Education projects & resources

Paediatric Surgery

OUGSG faculty Prof Kokila Lakhoo is involved as course organizer / faculty on the following paediatric surgery courses:

Global Surgery - Oxford Special Study Module (SSM)

Thursday Teaching programme  26/3/18 - 20/4/18

NDS Seminar Room, Level 6, John Radcliffe Hospital


Week 1: 29/3/18


1. Working in a LMIC Burns Centre: A long term partnership: Roba Khundkar

2. Lancet Global Surgery 2030: Key Messages: Grace Brown

3. Lancet Commission: indicators of surgical need and activity: Zara Markovic-Obiago


Discussions will be led by Noel Peter, Roba Khundkar and Dan Coventry.


Week 2:  05/4/18:


1)  Global surgical careers: Jim Turner

2)  Training and technology in LMICs: Zara Markovic-Obiago

3)  Examples of successful surgical innovations in LMIC settings: Grace Brown


Discussions will be led by Jim Turner and Shobi Nagraj.


Week 3:  12/4/18:


1)  Taster Session by Professor Kokila Lakhoo

2)  Guidelines for establishing projects in Global Surgery: Grace Brown

3)  Partnerships - who benefits?:  Zara Markovic-Obiago


Provisional review of posters/presentations for the following week.


Discussions will be led by Kokila Lakhoo and Shobi Nagraj.


Q&A re: posters/presentations for following week.


Week 4:  19/4/18:


0830: Guest Speaker

0930: Presentations and poster run-throughs 10 mins each with feedback from group 


Discussions will be led by Noel Peter and Roba Khundkar


Oxford University Global Surgery Group



Twitter: @oxglobalsurg