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Sharaf asit
Dr Sharaf Sheik-Ali presenting at ASiT conference

Academic Foundation Programme 

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Oxford University Global Surgery Group welcomes Oxford Academic Foundation Programme doctors who would like to incorporate Global Surgery & Anaesthesia as part of their studies. 

Our team includes: 


Rele Ologunde 2017 


Supervisor: Prof Chris Lavy

Project: Qualitative review of Primary Trauma Care training in Africa (see publications below)


Dan Yeomans 2017

Supervisor: Prof Chris Lavy

Project: Analysis of NHS volunteers' experiences of overseas work (see publications below)


Claire Nugent 2018

Supervisor: Prof Chris Lavy & Mr Tim Theologis

Project: Quantifying the manipulation phase of the Ponseti Method. This audit aims to measure the force that is being applied, by healthcare workers, to the talar head during the manipulation phase of Clubfoot. It is hoped this data may contribute to our understanding of current practice and how to further quantify the ponseti method. Data collection was in Addis Ababa.


Riana Patel 2018

Riana Patel

Supervisors: Prof Chris Lavy & Prof Kokila Lakhoo


  1. Systematic Review of Trauma Education in LMICs: Injury accounts for 5 million global deaths annually, with approximately 90% of these from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This project is a systematic review, in collaboration with student researchers interested in global surgery, looking at the effectiveness of trauma education for healthcare professionals in LMICs.
  2. Implementing a Peri-Operative Checklist for Paediatric Surgery in Tanzania: This project will involve working with the team at Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania to pilot a peri-operative surgical checklist for children undergoing surgery there. This checklist was developed in conjunction with the local team and has the potential to significantly improve safety and efficiency for paediatric patients.

Evelyn Thangaraj 2018-2019

Supervisor: Prof Chris Lavy


Murtaza Kadhum 2018-2019

Murtaza Kadhum

Supervisors: Prof Chris Lavy & Mr Tim Theologis


  1. "An analysis of the mechanical properties of the Ponseti Method in clubfoot treatment" - This study is a theoretical scientific analysis of the Ponseti Method, namely focussing on its mechanical aspects and with the overall goal to provide recommendations for its future development(see publications below).
  2. "The effect of time-specific mechanical stretching on calf tendons" - This is a lab based project, in conjunction with the Department of Materials focusing on the mechanical integrity of tendons after mechanical stretch. 
  3. "An Accelerated Ponseti protocol to treat clubfoot utilising daily manipulation" - a RCT focussing on providing evidence for an altered treatment regime to improve outcomes in Clubfoot treatment. 

Cian Wade 2018-2019

Cian Wade

Supervisors: Prof Kokila Lakhoo & Prof Mike English 

Project: Periprocedural analgesia in neonates 

Short summary of project: I shall be leading a team conducting a systematic review of the literature relating to peri-procedural and peri-operative analgesia in neonates. There are currently no official guidelines in Kenya for guiding healthcare professionals as to the appropriate analgesia to use in their neonatal population. Indeed, guidelines are also relatively sparse in the UK. This systematic review will aim to incorporate a large spectrum of the literature in order to be as informative and applicable as possible regarding the optimal approach to analgesia in neonates undergoing a variety of different invasive procedures. Dependent upon the conclusions of our review, we hope to be able to write useful guidelines for Kenya and also better inform current UK based practice. 


Sharaf Sheik-Ali 2018-9

Supervisor: Prof Chris Lavy

Project: "The Healthcare Determinants of Accessibility to CTEV Treatment: A Global Observational Study"

View poster presented at Associations of Surgeons in Training conference 22-24 March 2019, Belfast


Somy Charuvila 2018-2020


Project 1) Haemoglobin threshold for surgery in children in Low and Middle Income Countries


Supervisor: Prof Kokila Lakhoo

During the preoperative assessment, some of these children may be noted to have low haemoglobin (Hb). Depending on the level of the Hb, surgeries may be cancelled or postponed which is undesirable. On the other hand, these children may receive blood transfusions to correct their anaemia which can have safety issues from transfusion-transmitted infections. This current practice is prevalent in the absence of evidence to suggest a Hb threshold above which surgery may be deemed safe. The aim of this project is to identify Hb thresholds for safe surgery in the LMIC setting which does not have significant negative impact on the postoperative course.

Literature review completed and pilot study planning underway

Project 2) Development of an online ethics course preparing trainees to undertake surgical work in Low and Middle Income Countries

Supervisors: Miss Roba Khundkar & Mr Noel Peter

It is essential that trainees are aware of ethical issues that are involved in research work in Lower and Middle Income Countries. These include ensuring sustainable and appropriate benefits to both the trainee and the hosting institution, developing cultural understanding, ensuring personal safety, not exceeding own level of training, addressing burdens, allocation of local resources, honesty & integrity, informed consent for research. Failure to address these can lead to failure of projects as well as collaborative arrangements with colleagues. This project aims to develop an easily accessible module which can help with understanding some of the above issues.



Please contact for more details.

Apply for the Oxford AFP: Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School



Is overseas volunteering beneficial to the NHS? The analysis of volunteers’ responses to a feedback questionnaire following experiences in low-income and middle-income countries 

Do trauma courses change practice? A qualitative review of 20 courses in East, Central and Southern Africa

An Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of the Ponseti Method in Clubfoot Treatment 


Oxford University Global Surgery Group



Twitter: @oxglobalsurg