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OUGSG Undergraduate Teaching (SSM) 


Special Study Module in Global Surgery students

Special Study Module (SSM) in Global Surgery (including Anaesthesia and Obstetrics)


Introduction to the deficit and inequalities in surgical care worldwide


Each student will be expected to undertake a short project based on their area of interest.

Poster &  2-minute/2-slide oral presentation 


Miss Roba Khundkar

Mr Noel Peter     

Worldwide 5 billion people lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed. Widespread provision of surgical care can greatly reduce death and disability.  This SSM aims to provide an introduction to the deficit and inequalities in surgical care worldwide. 

Students will be attached to and supervised by Consultants within the Oxford Global Surgery Network. They will be expected to attend departmental research meetings and Global Surgery teaching programmes (Thursdays, TC/SN).  Students will be encouraged to liaise with those involved in Global Surgery related clinical, research and training activities.

Each student will be expected to undertake a short project based on their area of interest. Possible areas of study include comparative studies between Low/Middle Income Countries(LMIC) and High Income Countries,  the barriers to effective delivery of surgical care in LMIC, the difficulties in setting up research in LMIC, use of technology for delivery of surgical care.  The project may form the basis of future studies in this area.

SSM Timetable 

View the SSM Global Surgery timetable for April 2019 here.

SSM in Global Surgery 2019 Poster Presentations

'The Use of Mosquito Nets in Hernia Repair' by Kamath A, Khundkar R, Sharma D, Lakhoo K

'Betel Leaves as an Alternative Method of Enterostomy Management' by Parepalli S, Khundkar R, Tahmina B, Lakhoo K

Yusra Shammoon, 'Upscaling Anaesthesia through Technology in Low Resource Settings: Lessons from Lifebox' (Supervisor: Miss Roba Khundkar)

Raghav Sudarshan, 'Smartphone-based ECG Systems in Resource-limited Settings' (Supervisor: Miss Roba Khundkar)

Jonathan Martin, 'How effective is smartphone-based fundoscopy in identifying diabetic retinopathy?' (Supervisor: Mr Noel Peter)

Lydia Parker, 'Sacrococcygeal teratomas in children in sub-Saharan Africa'  (Supervisor: Miss Roba Khundkar & Prof Kokila Lakhoo)

Mary Kumarendran, 'How Should Obstetric Fistula Treatment Be Delivered? An Evaluation Of Fistula Centres' (Supervisors: Miss Roba Khundkar and Dr Anita Makins) 

SSM in Global Surgery 2018 Poster Presentations

Nuha Ansar, ‘The Cultural Challenges in Cryopreservation for Cancer Patients in Sri Lanka’ (Supervised by Miss Roba Khundkar)

Grace Brown, ‘Reducing Maternal Mortality in Sri Lanka by Changing Social Policy’ (Supervised by Ms Anita Makins)

Aihem Johar, ‘ Simpler is Better: Methods of improving the design of a surgical safety training course for Obstetric teams in Cape Town, South Africa’ (Supervised by Dr Tinashe Chandauka)

Zara Markovic-Obiago, ‘Wilms Tumour in sub-Saharan Africa: A Literature Review’ (Supervised by Dr Kathryn Ford & Prof Kokila Lakhoo)

Akila Shakir, ‘Is improving female literacy in areas of lowest rates a productive way to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes?’ (Supervised by Miss Roba Khundkar & Prof Kokila Lakhoo)

Rebecca Waterfield, ‘Ethical Challenges Arising on Medical Electives in Low-Middle Income Countries (LMICs)’ (Supervised by Prof Kokila Lakhoo & Prof Chris Lavy )



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