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Oxford University Global Surgery Group

OxPLORE at InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium

OxPLORE poster presented at InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium 2019, Kigali

OxPLORE poster presented at InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium 2019, Kigali

Emery Manirambona, a Rwandan medical student, presented a poster at the Incision Global Surgery Symposium (IGSS2019), Kigali, Rwanda from 20-21st April 2019 on behalf of OxPLORE (Oxford Paediatrics Linking Oncology Research with Electives). The poster was entitled, 'Harnessing Research Potential: A Report of the OxPLORE Collaboration'.

Emery said, "Our poster was successful and different people were interested in our collaboration that made things possible. Some even suggested to be involved in the future projects if possible. It was a pleasure to let medical students, residents and Seniors know about OxPLORE and its contribution in Global Surgery."


About OxPLORE:

"Working with two paediatric surgeons in Oxford, the Oxford Society of Paediatrics has helped to develop a novel collaboration uniting HIC-based medical elective students with the need for gathering global paediatric surgery data: OxPLORE (Oxford Paediatrics Linking Oncology Research with Electives).

Oxford medical students and their counterparts in the LMIC will learn about conducting global health research and contribute something of tangible value to centres that currently lack the infrastructure and manpower to carry out research locally.

OxPLORE is novel as it aims to answer specific questions with worldwide coverage involving keen medical students on their electives. OxPLORE is a test of principle: we hope to scale up to new questions, and spread the idea to other universities nationally and worldwide. OxPLORE is all-inclusive: the data proforma is simple enough to be used by any medical student, in any country. Most crucially, OxPLORE aims to generate long-term partnerships for internationally beneficial research opportunities."

OxPLORE is led by Prof Kokila Lakhoo, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences and Oxford University Global Surgery Group.


Find out more about OxPLORE here:

Harnessing medical student power in global surgery research

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