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Tanzania-Oxford Paediatric Surgery Links

The Paediatric Surgical Department of Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, has developed close links with Tanzania, led by Prof.Kokila Lakhoo. She has  been visiting Tanzania for the last 15 years (self-funded), initially in the North of the country (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College) where she has trained local surgeons and nurses with skills transfer and to become trainers; teaching theatre staff about the use and care of surgical equipment, and training paediatricians and ward nurses to care for post-operative surgical patients. During this time 10 surgeons have developed paediatric surgical skills, 5 theatre nurses have been trained and a paediatric surgical department developed. Through this project 4 surgeons have won international scholarships, 2 THET prizes were achieved for theatre nursing and children’s sonography, 10 academic articles were published with local partners in peer reviewed journals and 28 presentations took place at international meetings.

For the last 4 years she has been teaching at Muhimbili National Hospital, the main teaching hospital in Dar Es Salaam, where she is supporting newly qualified adult surgeons in developing skills in paediatric surgery, and has helped facilitate 2 colleagues to complete paediatric surgical training in Alexandria, Egypt. There are now 5 trained Paediatric Surgeons at this hospital. Through her link with a charity ( a theatre complex has been installed in the Children’s Hospital within Muhimbili National Hospital