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OCTRU-Training bites (1 hour)

Training Dates
OCTRU Training Bite Sessions
Trial Reporting and CONSORT
Hints and Tips for Excel
Risk Assessment and Monitoring Plans 
Basic statistics in Estimation, Hypothesis and p-values
Management of NIMPS
Gant Charts, Critical Paths, SWOT analyses
Hints and Tips for Outlook 
What is Health Economics? 
Alternative Trial Design 
Safety Oversight 
Recruitment and Retention 
How do databases work- what underlies the technology? 
IRAS Trial Committees and Groups
Trial Outcomes - what are we trying to measure?
Systematic reviews - what are they and how are they undertaken? 
Management of IMP and relevant documentation 
Basic data management 
Randomisation and blinding 
Newsletter design 
Trial Master Files 
Target Differences and the Sample Size Calculation 
Serious Breaches 
New Technologies 
OCTRU Audit Findings 

OCTRU- Interactive workshops (1.5 hours+)

Course Dates
From Protocol to Data Collection Forms 
Essentials of Project Management 
Risk Assessment and Monitoring Workshop
OCTRU Chief Investigator Course 

OCTRU- other (1 hour)

Course Dates
Trial Manager Induction Course 
New Starter Course 
Clinical Trial Regulation: what are the major changes to drug trials? 
Computer Systems Training 
Site selection (Dissertation findings) 
'Life on the other side'... being a REC committee member 
The role of a Trial Manager in a TMG 
Biobanking - What is it all about? 


Course Dates
Basic Course of Microscopy and Image Perception Processing and Analysis 
Principles of Advanced Microscopy 
FlowJo Software training