Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

The application deadline for these projects has now passed. New projects, for entry in October 2022, will be uploaded later in the year.

2021 KTPS-NC

ID Title Internal supervisors Phase
KTPS-NC-2 Regional humoral immunity in the lung; exploring the function and biology of resident memory B cells in resistance against influenza virus Tal Arnon, Emily Thornton 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-3 Exploring the molecular basis of adjuvant function and priming of immune responses in the spleen Tal Arnon, Emily Thornton 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-4 Elucidating the mechanobiological mechanisms underlying cardiomyocyte function using novel advanced imaging and force probing techniques Marco Fritzsche, Jagdeep Nanchahal 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-5 Investigation of the vesicle transport of MT1-MMP Yoshi Itoh, Michael Dustin 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-6 Regulation of the inflammasome pathway in tissue macrophages Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic, Christopher Buckley, Mark Coles 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-7 The Microbiome and Vaccine Response Jethro Johnson, Mark Coles, Claire Pearson 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-8 Decoding immune surveillance within the tumor microenvironment: how the extracellular matrix enables escape from immunity Kim Midwood 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-9 Immune cell profiling following myocardial infarction Jagdeep Nanchahal, Ana Isabel Espirito Santo, Thomas Layton 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-10 A computational investigation of inflammatory arthritis at the single-cell level Stephen Sansom, Paul Bowness 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-11 The molecular basis underpinning Inflamm-aging Anna Katharina (Katja) A Simon, Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic, Ghada Alsaleh, Felix Richter 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-12 Asymmetric fates: can autophagy rejuvenate memory by regulating T cell diversity? Audrey Gérard, Anna Katharina (Katja) A Simon, Mariana Borsa 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-13 Molecular regulation of neutrophil responses in inflammation Irina Udalova, Raashid Luqmani, Erinke van Grinsven 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-14 Unravelling NGF and angiotensin II dependent mechanisms of pain in osteoarthritis Tonia Vincent, Jadwiga Zarebska 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-15 A developmental bioengineering approach to dissecting the cartilaginous mechanostat Angus Wann, Eleanor Stride 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-16 Spatial-temporal activation of immune responses by next generation vaccine adjuvants Mark Coles, Sarah Davidson 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-17 Predicting the genetics of immune response from baseline quantitative traits Luke Jostins 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-1 Interrogating the role of vascular microenvironments during T cell development Anjali Kusumbe, Michael Dustin 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-18 Manipulating the microbiome to promote gut health Funded World Wide Fiona Powrie FRS, Claire Pearson 2021 KTPS-NC
KTPS-NC-19 Targeting TFEB for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Anna Katharina (Katja) A Simon, Christopher Buckley, Ghada Alsaleh 2021 KTPS-NC