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Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

Kennedy trust prize studentships 4


Below is a list of projects offered for studentships commencing in October 2017.



Transcriptional and metabolic adaptation of myeloid cells to inflammatory environment  
(Ref. Number #201701) 

Irina Udalova

Tal Arnon

Immunology; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology; Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics

The interleukin 23 axis in colorectal cancer  
(Ref. Number #201702)

Fiona Powrie

Inflammation in cancer; Mucosal immunology

The interaction between the gut microbiome and host genetics across different diseases of the immune system
(Ref. Number #201703) 

Luke Jostins

Fiona Powrie

Statistical genetics; Mucosal immunology
Specifying macrophage responses to sterile versus microbe-induced tissue injury
(Ref. Number #201704)

Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic

Irina Udalova

Immunology; Infection & immunity; Cell signalling

Multi-omic analysis of patient responsiveness to TNFa inhibition in rheumatoid arthritis
(Ref. Number #201705)

Richard Williams

Steve Sansom

Luke Jostins

Bioinformatics; statistics and computational biology; immunology; musculoskeletal science; translational medicine and medical technology

Investigating the structural basis of innate immunity in health and disease
(Ref. Number #201706)

Kim Midwood

Wyatt Yue

Immunology; Cancer; Translational Medicine

Investigating the spatio-temporal dynamics of actin filaments at microclusters during T-cell activation
(Ref. Number #201707)

Marco Fritzsche

Michael Dustin

Cardiovascular Disease
Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Investigating the Control of CD8 T Cell Response Diversity
(Ref Number #201708)

Audrey Gérard

Michael Dustin

Musculoskeletal Science, Aging, Geratology and Degenerative Diseases, Developmental Biology and Stem Cells, Translational Medicine and Medical Technology

Identifying novel therapeutic targets in fibrotic diseases
(Ref. Number #201709)

Jagdeep Nanchahal

Marco Fritzsche

Christopher Buckley

Translational Medicine and Medical Technology; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology; Geratology and Degenerative Diseases; Musculoskeletal Science

Identification of regulatory angiocrine signalling networks from the bone marrow vascular niche in osteoarthritis 
(Ref. Number #201710) 

Anjali Kusumbe

Tonia Vincent


A novel arterial macrophage subset in atherosclerosis
(Ref. Number #201711)

Claudia Monaco

Irina Udalova

Immunology; Cardiovascular disease; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

A computational genomics based investigation of chronic inflammation
(Ref. Number #201712)

Steve Sansom

Irina Udalova

Bioinformatics, Statistics and Computational Biology; Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics; Immunology; Musculoskeletal Science; Translational Medicine and Medical Technology
Is Ankylosing Spondylitis caused by aberrant immunity to intestinal flora?
(Ref. Number #201713)

Paul Bowness

Fiona Powrie

Immunology; Musculoskeletal Science
Autophagy in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate Determination
(Ref. Number #201714)

Nikki Horwood

Katja Simon

Musculoskeletal Science; Immunology; 
Innate immunity and inflammation
Novel regulation of inflammatory signalling by the ciliome
(Ref. Number #201715)

Angus Wann

Michael Dustin

Molecular, cell and systems biology; Musculoskeletal Science
Autophagy's role in the formation or maintenance of memory T cells
(Ref. Number #201716)

Katja Simon

Innate immunity and inflammation