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Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

Kennedy trust prize studentships 4


These projects were advertised for entry in October 2019 and are no longer available. Projects for entry in October 2020 will be uploaded shortly. 


Regional humoral immunity in the lung; exploring the function and biology of resident memory B cells in resistance against influenza virus

(Ref. Number #201901) 

Tal Arnon 

Irina Udalova



Priming of the NLRP3 inflammasome in sterile inflammation

(Ref. Number #201902) 

Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic

Kim Midwood


Immunology; Infection & immunity; Cell Signalling

Is there a unique stool and blood inflammatory signature in Ankylosing Spondylitis?

(Ref. Number #201903) 

Paul Bowness 

Fiona Powrie


Immunology, microbiome, Genetics, Musculoskeletal Science 

Characterising Key Determinants of Fibroblast Function in Immune Mediated Inflammatory Disease

(Ref. Number #201904) 

Christopher Buckley

Mark Coles

Inflammation, immunology, stroma, rheumatoid arthritis, disease models, imaging

How does immunometabolism vary in time and space in the germinal centre?

 (Ref. Number #201905) 

Alex Clarke

Richard Cornall



Immunology, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology, Translational Medicine and Medical Technology

Novel microscopy approaches for investigating relation between the spatio-temporal dynamics of actin filaments and Ca2+ response patterns during T-cell activation

(Ref. Number #201906) 

Marco Fritzsche

Michael Dustin

Translational Medicine and Medical Technology, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Development of image-based method for the quantitative assessment of cartilage damage from CT images as a biomarker in osteoarthritis

(Ref. Number #201907) 

Ngee Han Lim 

Bartlomiej Papiez 




Microenvironmental training in the maintenance and breakdown of intestinal homeostasis

(Ref. Number #201908) 

Kim Midwood

Fiona Powrie

Matrix Biology, Immunology, Translational Medicine 

A novel arterial macrophage subset in atherosclerosis

(Ref. Number #201909) 

Claudia Monaco

Irina Udalova

Ashok Handa 

Immunology, Cardiovascular disease, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Deciphering host-microbiota interactions in inflammation

(Ref. Number #201910) 

Fiona Powrie 

Lilian Lam

 Microbiome; Mucosal Immunology; Inflammation; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Investigating the causes of inflammatory arthritis with computational and single-cell genomics

(Ref. Number #201911) 

Stephen Sansom 

Paul Bowness 

Bioinformatics, Statistics and Computational Biology; Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics; Immunology; Musculoskeletal Science; Translational Medicine and Medical Technology

Genome editing of stem cells for cartilage repair and regeneration

(Ref. Number #201912) 

Katja Simon 

Ghada Alsaleh

Immunology, Ageing, Microbiology

The role of tissue damage-associated lipids in triggering pathogenic neutrophil responses in inflammatory diseases

(Ref. Number #201913)


Irina Udalova

Christopher Buckley

Immunology; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology; Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics; Musculoskeletal Science

Does angiotensin signaling control NGF-mediated pain in osteoarthritis?

(Ref. Number #201914)

Tonia Vincent

Fiona Watt


Translational Medicine; Tissue Remodelling and Regeneration


Can we predict osteoarthritis? Investigating its genetic risk after knee joint injury

(Ref. Number #201915)


Fiona Watt 

Luke Jostins 

Tonia Vincent

Ele Zeggini 

Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics; Musculoskeletal Science; Bioinformatics, Statistics and Computational Biology; Translational Medicine and Medical Technology; Ageing, Geratology and Degenerative Diseases

Tryptophan catabolites in the regulation of immune cell differentiation and function

(Ref. Number #201916)

Richard Williams

Trevor Stone


Immunology, musculoskeletal science, translational medicine and medical technology




Interrogating the role of vascular microenvironments during T cell development 

(Ref. Number #201917)

Anjali Kusumbe

Michael Dustin  

Immunology, Vascular Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Cardiovascular Disease