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What year are you and what is your PhD on?

I'm a full-time 2nd year DPhil student. My DPhil/project is on nanofibre scaffolds for tendon regeneration.

What is your day-to-day like? What does your research involve?

Most days I am in the lab doing some innumohistochemistry or histology staining. I also spend time writing scientific papers, reading papers of interest, and occasionally see patients in a research clinic. My research involves evaluating novel and established augmentation strategies for improving tendon healing.

What is your background? And what brought you to a DPhil at NDORMS, Oxford?

I studied medicine at the University of Manchester and graduated in 2009. I did a part time MSc at Cardiff University, which sparked my interest in research. I am an Orthopaedic surgical trainee (ST5 level) in London, currently taking 3 years out of programme to read a DPhil in Musculoskeletal Sciences at the University of Oxford (Worcester College).

What is it like to be a DPhil student at NDORMS?

It's great! It really is a unique experience to be surrounded by such supportive and skilled researchers, clinicians, statisticians. NDORMS is very well equipped to ensure clinicians and scientists alike are able to undertake the highest quality research in a very wide range of fields.

Mustafa Rashid

What is it like to be a DPhil student at Oxford?

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in various societies, sports teams, and attend a number of social events. Oxford has a very diverse group of students and something for everyone. I play golf for the University 2nd team, which allows me to meet students outside my subject.

Any other comments you wish you'd read from students when you were applying?

No matter what your background is, even if you have no prior research experience, NDORMS can provide you with the right support to learn useful skills in academia. If you have an interest in postgraduate research, explore it, and consider applying to NDORMS!