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What year are you and what is your PhD on?

I am a retired orthopaedic surgeon doing a self-funded DPhil at Botnar/DPAG. I am just at the start of year three. My project is on bone and joint circulation during activity.

What is your day-to-day like? What does your research involve?

No two days are the same but I generally have a tutorial on Mondays at DPAG in town and on Thursdays go to Swindon to collect experimental material (calf feet from an abattoir). The rest of the time I am doing experiments or writing them up, doing presentations and attending meetings.

What is your background? And what brought you to a DPhil at NDORMS, Oxford?

I had a full career in NHS orthopaedics. I have been very fortunate in being accepted at NDORMS to study an idea which may help in understanding and treating arthritis.

What is it like to be a DPhil student at NDORMS?

I am very grateful for the space and facilities offered here. Although my work is fairly simple there are several experienced scientists whose feedback and general assistance has been very useful for example in histology.

What is it like to be a DPhil student at Oxford?

As a member of the St Peters Middle Common Room I have attended a few events but otherwise live up in Headington. I tend to visit the town and colleges when we have guests.