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The application deadline for these projects has now passed. New projects, for entry in October 2021, will be uploaded in the summer.


ID Title Supervisors Phase
#NDORMS 2020/8 International Rugby Health and Wellbeing Project: Epidemiology of Long-term Musculoskeletal and Quality of Life Outcomes D.Phil in Musculoskeletal Sciences Nigel Arden, Nirmala Perera, Maja Radojcic 2020
#NDORMS-2020/1 Longitudinal trajectories of renal function, and dynamic prediction of progression to end-stage renal disease: a data-driven analysis and validation using regression and machine learning methods in a bi-national population-based cohort Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Victoria Y Strauss, Sara Khalid, Danielle Robinson 2020
#NDORMS-2020/10 Can orally delivered gas nanobubbles relieve joint hypoxia Eleanor Stride, Duncan Richards, Laura Coates, Philippa Hulley 2020
#NDORMS-2020/3 Artificial intelligence and machine learning for clinical prediction: evaluating design, conduct, reporting and ‘spin’ Gary Collins, Michael Maia Schlussel, Paula Dhiman, Jennifer De Beyer 2020
#NDORMS-2020/4 Assessing the generalisability of trial findings using large orthopaedic population studies Jonathan Cook, Xavier Griffin 2020
#NDORMS-2020/5 Use of euroqol-5d (eq-5d) in orthopaedic trauma trials Jonathan Cook, Xavier Griffin 2020
#NDORMS-2020/7 Utilising mechanistic mathematical models to understand cellular heterogeneity of healthy human tendons Sarah Snelling, Adam Cribbs 2020
#NDORMS-2020/2 Can genetics-led immunologic investigation identify novel common regulators shared across immune-mediated inflammatory diseases? Liye Chen, Paul Bowness 2020
#NDORMS-2020/6 Molecular mechanisms regulating the developmental plasticity of pancreatic cancer cells Siim Pauklin, Udo Oppermann 2020
#NDORMS-2020/11 Rosetrees/RCS DPhil (PhD) Studentship in Surgical Trials David Beard 2020
#NDORMS 2020/9 Strategies of handling missing data in federated data network Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Victoria Y Strauss, Antonella Delmestri 2020