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Projects for entry in October 2023. To be considered for these projects, applications must be complete by noon on Friday 9th December 2022.


ID Title Internal supervisors Phase
NDORMS 2023/1 Targeting autophagy for the treatment of osteoarthritis Ghada Alsaleh, Sarah Snelling, Christopher Buckley 2023
NDORMS 2023/2 Identify new drug targets for treating OA by inducing autophagy Ghada Alsaleh, Christopher Buckley, Adam Cribbs 2023
NDORMS 2023/3 Defining protein degradation machinery in the endoplasmic reticulum underlying resistance mechanisms in cancer John Christianson, Udo Oppermann 2023
NDORMS 2023/4 Arthrofibrosis: a comparative study of persistent and resolving disease at single cell resolution Stephanie Dakin, Christopher Buckley, Andrew Price 2023
NDORMS 2023/5 Revealing mechanism and functionality of repurposed compounds in multi-morbidity research via a multi-omics approach James Edwards, Claire Edwards 2023
NDORMS 2023/6 Enhancing the transparency and communication of the results of randomised trials to research participants and the public Sally Hopewell, Jennifer De Beyer, Gary Collins 2023
NDORMS 2023/7 Towards equity in medicine with big health data, epidemiology, and artificial intelligence Sara Khalid, Laura Coates, Danielle Newby 2023
NDORMS 2023/8 Hypertension, Diabetes, and Drugs: a comparative effectiveness and safety study integrating real-world data, genetics, medical statistics, and machine learning Sara Khalid, Marta Pineda, Gary Collins, Laura Coates 2023
NDORMS 2023/9 A cellular atlas of the human hip to understand the relationship between femeroacetabular impingement and hip osteoarthritis Sarah Snelling, Adam Cribbs, Philippa Hulley, Mathew Baldwin 2023