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NDORMS DPhil & MSc by Research


These projects were advertised for entry in October 2019 and are no longer available. Projects for entry in October 2020 will be uploaded later in the year. 


Challenges and strategies of handling (intensive) longitudinal missing data in routinely collected health data

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/1)

Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

Victoria Strauss

Sara Khalid

Irene Petersen

Longitudinal analyses; missing data; big data methods

Maternal health, offspring growth and risk of fracture: A population-based investigation in 700,000 individuals

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/2)

Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

Victoria Strauss

Nick Harvey

Kassim Javaid

Cyrus Cooper

Bone health; causal inference; lifecourse epidemiology

Machine Learning Methods as alternatives to Regression Modelling in propensity score based methods: Evaluation In the Case of multiple treatments and Missing Data

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/3)

Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

M Sanni Ali

Sara Khalid

Gary Collins

Machine learning; propensity scores; pharmaco-epidemiology

Novel solutions for managing and curating big clinical data regularly collected in NHS Primary Care setting

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/4)

Antonella Delmestri

Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

 Big data management automation;  Multi-dimensional data curation algorithms; Health data science innovation

Characterising the genetic aetiology of common elastic tissue diseases using UK Biobank

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/5)

Dominic Furniss

Krina Zondervan

Genetics; big data; surgery

Efficient ways of predicting recruitment in randomised controlled trials

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/6)

Sally Hopewell

Joanna Moschandreas

Gary Collins

 Randomised controlled trials; Trial methodology; Trial design

Improving the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of external pilot and feasibility studies

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/7)

Sally Hopewell

Susan Dutton

Sandra Elridge


A novel arterial macrophage subset in atherosclerosis

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/8)

Claudia Monaco

Irina Udalova

Ashok Handa

Immunology; Cardiovascular disease; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Molecular mechanisms regulating the developmental plasticity of pancreatic cancer cells

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/9)

Siim Pauklin

Tumorigenesis and Cancer Stem Cells; Human Pluripotent Stem Cells; Signalling pathways and gene expression

Investigating the pathogenesis of inflammatory arthritis with computational and single-cell genomics

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/10)


Stephen Sansom

Paul Bowness

Bioinformatics; Statistics and Computational Biology; Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics; Immunology; Musculoskeletal Science; Translational Medicine and Medical Technology

Oxford Bone Infection Unit

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/11)

Matthew Scarborough


Are metabolites generated by the microbiota key to a young immune system?

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/12)

Katja Simon

 Autophagy; Immune senescence and Microbiota

Tryptophan catabolites in the regulation of immune cell differentiation and function

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/13)

Richard Williams

Trevor Stone


Immunology; musculoskeletal science; translational medicine and medical technology.

Health economic modelling to understand NHS Dupuytren’s disease treatment

(Ref. Number #NDORMS-2019/14)

Dominic Furniss

Jeremy Rodrigues