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ID Title Internal supervisors Phase
#OxKEN-2021/23 Immunometabolism in human adipose tissue – crosstalk between macrophages and adipocyte progenitors driving sex-specific adipose tissue expansion Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/1 Machine learning to predict the development of psoriatic arthritis Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Laura Coates, Sara Khalid OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/2 Influence of Modifiable factors in PsA contributing to treat to target success (the IMPACT study) Laura Coates, Anushka Soni OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/3 Elucidating T cell phenotype and function in frozen shoulder Stephanie Dakin, Christopher Buckley, Mark Coles OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/4 Co-prevalence of liver disease in psoriatic disease (COLIPSO) Laura Coates, Hussein Al-Mossawi OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/6 Delivering an ethnically diverse atlas of the inflamed and healthy human knee Sarah Snelling, Mathew Baldwin, Adam Cribbs, Christopher Buckley OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/7 Molecular pathogenesis of Marfan Syndrome Tonia Vincent, Angus Wann OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/8 Understanding and exploiting T cell antigen discrimination OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/9 Dissecting the fibrotic landscape in Dupuytren’s disease Jagdeep Nanchahal, Christopher Buckley OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/10 Human intradermal Staphylococcal challenge as a novel translational model to explore physiology, pathology and pharmacology James Fullerton, Duncan Richards OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/11 Investigating functional consequences of disease-specific genomic enhancers in ankylosing spondylitis Matteo Vecellio OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/12 Exploring HLA-B*27-targeted RNAi therapy for Ankylosing Spondylitis Liye Chen, Paul Bowness OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/13 A single-cell genomics based investigation of spondyloarthritis Stephen Sansom, Paul Bowness OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/14 Application of single cell omics to dissect tissue-immune cell crosstalk and identify targetable mediators of tissue fibrosis Dominic Furniss OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/15 Understanding the role of lysosomal signalling in autoimmunity Anna Katharina (Katja) A Simon, Alex Clarke OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/16 Gamma-delta intra-epithelial lymphocytes in coeliac disease OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/17 Immune cell atlas of giant cell arteritis: the interplay between neutrophil and T cell Irina Udalova, Raashid Luqmani OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/18 Investigating interactions between oxygen-sensing pathways and autoimmunity OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/19 Iron control of immune responses OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/20 Form meets function in synovium: Did the evolution of power and precision grip drive development of rheumatoid arthritis? Mark Coles, Christopher Buckley OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/21 Mechanism to Therapy: Applying mechanism driven modelling to COVID-19 pathologies to accelerate therapeutic development for inflammatory disease. Mark Coles OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/22 Identifying therapeutic combinations for immune mediated inflammatory disease using computational modelling, artificial intelligence and experimentation Mark Coles OxKEN
#OxKEN-2021/5 Tissue ecology in IBD: Diagnostic and therapeutic implications Fiona Powrie FRS, Matthias Friedrich OxKEN