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Photo of pipetting in lab

Due to University requirements this program is only available to Oxford University students studying Medicine currently in their third (FHS) or 4th (first clinical) years. There are two tracks for training as clinician scientists shown below.

OxKEN Selection Criteria & Eligibility: chart showing training as clinician scientists

Application Track 1 – Medical Undergraduates current 3rd year preclinical (to start 1 August 2023)

Application Track 2 – 1st year clinical students (to start 1 July 2023).

All applicants will be judged on the following:

  • commitment and passion to a career in translational research in musculoskeletal /inflammatory disease
  • evidence of motivation for and understanding of the proposed area of study
  • commitment to the subject, beyond the requirements of the degree course
  • preliminary knowledge of relevant research techniques
  • capacity for sustained and intense work
  • reasoning ability and academic curiosity.

Selection criteria will also include the project, the environment and relevance to the KTRR’s mission statement.