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Louise Hailey shares her experience of the NDORMS Writing Club.

I have been joining the NDORMS writing club over the last few months. Initially, I was unsure about joining the group as I wasn't sure it was aimed at the type of writing I needed to do. But after attending the first session, I felt reassured and realised this was a fantastic opportunity open to everyone in the department.

Now the weekly calendar reminder pops up on my computer screen, and sometimes I still wonder why I am joining when I could write this alone without a 'group'? Do I need to join today? But I can say hand on heart, there hasn't been a session where I haven't achieved my writing goal. I have always been far more productive than if I had spent the 90 minutes writing alone. I've worked on final edits to new materials for the OPEN ARMS Patient and Public Involvement group and the first manuscript draft for publication in a journal. 

The "top writing tips" the group facilitators have given me have been pearls that I certainly wouldn't have picked up by myself, and these have given me the confidence to know where to start with writing projects I have never tackled before. 

The NDORMS Writing Club meets on alternating Tuesday mornings (10:00-11:30) and Thursday afternoons (14:00-15:30) on Zoom, and is organised by the Botnar RSA and UK EQUATOR Centre. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Jen de Beyer.

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