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Kennedy DPhil student Maryam Nina Hardy has been elected as President of the Oxford University Africa Society.

Maryam Nina Hardy

The Oxford University Africa Society, known as AfriSoc, is a vibrant student-led society with members from all over the African Continent and the diaspora.

AfriSoc aims to build a vibrant and supportive community for Africa students in Oxford, mentor African scholars and provide a platform to discuss African issues and bring together people from all backgrounds who share a desire for positive change in Africa.

Established in 1958, AfriSoc continues to be a home away from home for many African students and others seeking to learn more about Africa. AfriSoc organises various activities throughout the academic year, mainly tailored to celebrate Black excellence and create spaces to share Black joy.

On being elected as President of the Society, Nina said ‘Being elected as President of the Oxford University Africa Society is a profound honour that reflects our shared vision for a more connected and empowered African community.

This role is not just a personal milestone but a call to action to elevate our voices, celebrate our achievements, and address the challenges we face. I am committed to fostering a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and resilience as we work together to shape a brighter future for the African continent and its diaspora.’

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