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The University of Oxford has awarded the title of Associate Professor to Dr Sara Khalid as part of its recognition of excellence awards.

Sara Khalid

Sara joined NDORMS in 2016 and leads the Planetary Health Informatics Group at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and the Machine Learning and Big Data Team of the Health Data Sciences Section.

Her research applies artificial intelligence to international real-world health data, in order to further our understanding of disease and fills the gaps in global health, leveraging common data models and federated network analytics. She works closely with clinicians, engineers, clinical and environmental epidemiologists, conservationists, data scientists, and public and patient groups in the UK, Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and Africa to co-create models for equitable and ethical solutions for planetary health problems.  Sara teaches a number of courses at NDORMS and University-wide. 

On being named Associate Professor, Sara said “It’s a great honour to have been conferred the title of Associate Professor within NDORMS. It provides a fantastic opportunity to continue my international research to help solve large scale health problems. I owe this recognition to my group members, collaborators and students who have made this research possible.”