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The NIHR will launch the fourth round of their Clinical Trials Fellowships (CTFs) competition in June 2015. These fellowships are designed to support existing NIHR Trainees with an interest in, and experience of, working with clinical trials as part of their current training award who would benefit from further training within the setting of a Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) that is in receipt of NIHR CTU Support Funding.

The competition allows OCTRU to submit up to two applications with eligible individuals interested in applying for one of these fellowships.  Anyone holding one of the following awards is eligible to apply:

  • NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (DRF);
  • NIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF);
  • NIHR Career Development Fellowship (CDF);
  • NIHR Clinical Lectureship (CL) (part of NIHR’s Integrated Academic Training Programme, including NIHR recognised locally-funded CLs);
  • NIHR Clinician Scientist Award;
  • NIHR Clinical Academic Training Doctoral Research Fellowship (CAT DRF);
  • NIHR Clinical Academic Training Clinical Lectureship (CAT CL);
  • NIHR Healthcare Scientist Doctoral Research Fellowship (HCS DRF);
  • NIHR Healthcare Scientist Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (HCS PDF).

As a CTU we would offer a training programme that would expose trainees to all aspects/stages of trials across several trials on the OCTRU portfolio.  (

If you are interesting in discussing a potential application, please email