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Founded in 2002 the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO) began as a unit running large phase III trials in adjuvant colorectal cancer. We have since developed our trials portfolio to concentrate on the practical application of high quality clinical research into innovative and effective early detection, precision prevention and early phase cancer trials

From 2002 - 2022 we recruited over 20,000 people into trials, have collaborated with over 250 study sites and academic groups across the UK and 14 other countries. 2022 saw the appointment of Professor Sarah Blagden as OCTOs Clinical Director, Prof Blagden will lead us during an exciting time as the direction of cancer research in the UK evolves.

Our portfolio is one of Early Phase studies (novel cancer therapies as monotherapies or combinations, working with biotech/pharma and academics) as well as hypothesis-driven Early Detection (ED) and Precision-Prevention (PP) studies. In these trials we use:

  • innovative methodologies
  • integration of basic science and statistics
  • decentralised designs to extend geographical reach
  • incorporation of real-world data
  • active Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) at all stages of trial delivery.