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Oxford NIHR CRF Strategy

In the Oxford NIHR CRF, we work with varied clinical specialities and our work is overseen by both the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Working across all specialities, and across both institutions, the Oxford NIHR CRF provides an opportunity to share ideas and resources and work together to develop and implement a wide-reaching patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) strategy.  

As a new CRF, we have set some short-term milestones to achieve within the first year.  This will provide a basis to meet the longer-term milestones and embed PPIE activity into our infrastructure.

Our PPIE Objective is: To embed patient and public involvement in the operational processes of the NIHR Oxford CRF.  We aim to achieve this over the next 5 years, by:

  • Working with patient and public partners on varying aspects of our service delivery
  • Working with established PPIE networks within the local research community ie: the Oxford BRC PPIE
  • Developing a hub of PPIE resources for our researchers and public partners to access
  • Assessing PPIE in early phase research
  • Engaging to Involve – promoting ways to support research through public engagement and outreach activities

Please see full details of our strategy here.