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<jats:p> There is no consensus regarding the optimal mode of managing the acute traumatic subungual haematoma in the hand. In this context the medical literature was searched systematically and the results analysed. The final dataset consisted of four articles. The complication rates of all forms of treatment were low. The outcome in terms of nail cosmesis was generally good, although the method of outcome measurement was variable in nature. There was no difference in cosmetic outcome when comparing nail bed repair with simple decompression. In conclusion the outcome in terms of nail cosmesis does not appear to be affected by the mode of treatment. The acutely painful subungual haematoma should be decompressed, whether this be done by trephining or nail removal. Future research includes the potential for a randomised controlled trial to compare nail bed repair with trephination. </jats:p>

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Journal article


Hand surgery


World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt

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151 - 154