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<jats:p>Demand for low-energy food products has greatly increased in recent years due to the growing concerns over obesity related health problems. The aim of the work described in this short communication was to use a microfluidic T-junction device to prepare microporous calcium alginate gels by incorporating monodisperse air bubbles (177 ?m in diameter) which would both increase the volume to energy content ratio of the product and improve sample homogeneity. Homogeneous, 5mm-thick gel samples were successfully obtained and found to have a density of 365 kg/m3. The high gas content was confirmed by ultrasound reflectivity measurements. The mean pore diameter, determined by optical and SEM measurements, was 131?m with a standard deviation of 57?m.</jats:p>

Original publication




Journal article


International journal of food engineering


Walter de Gruyter GmbH

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