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INTRODUCTION: Cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) are tumour initiating, resistant to chemotherapy and play a role in metastasis. We have previously shown thrombin pathway signalling regulates CSC activity: thrombin pathway activation with FVIIa or through TF overexpression increases CSC activity whilst TF siRNA knockdown decreases it. We hypothesise that NOACs, by targeting specific factors in the thrombin pathway, may inhibit CSC activity. AIM: In breast cancer cell lines, to determine the effect of i) thrombin and ii) dabigatran (Boehringer Ingelheim), a direct thrombin inhibitor on cancer stem cell activity. MATERIALS AND METHODS: MDA-MB-231, MCF-7, SKBR3 and MDA-MB-157 cell lines representing the spectrum of breast cancer subtypes were cultured with: i) 0.1 NIH Units/ml human thrombin (Sigma) ii) 0.5μM Dabigatran (clinically relevant plasma concentration). Mammosphere culture is an established in vitro assay to measure CSC activity. Mammosphere forming efficiency (MFE) was calculated from the proportion of plated cells forming mammospheres in non-adherent culture, (each experiment, n=≥4, two-tailed independent t-test). RESULTS: Thrombin increased MFE in the high PAR-1 expressing MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-157 cell lines, but not the low PAR-1 expressing MCF-7/SKBR3 cell lines as compared to untreated controls (MDA-MB-231 mean (range): thrombin treated: 0.91 (0.70-1.11) vs control: 0.73 (0.51-0.93)%, p=<0.04; MDA-MB-157: thrombin treated: 0.58 (0.45-0.69) vs control: 0.37 (0.31-0.47)%, p=<0.001). Dabigatran abrogated the stimulatory effect of thrombin on MFE in thrombin-treated MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-157 cells (MDA-MB-231 mean (range) thrombin+Dabigatran: 1.10 (0.83-1.41) vs thrombin only: 1.45 (1.32-1.66)%, p=<0.01); MDA-MB-157 thrombin+Dabigatran: 0.48 (0.39-0.56) vs thrombin only: 0.58 (0.45-0.69)%, p=<0.05). CONCLUSIONS: The stimulation of mammosphere formation by thrombin and reduction by thrombin inhibitor treatment indicates a functional relationship between cancer stem-like cells and coagulation. This suggests possible clinical utility of novel oral anticoagulants in targeting this critical cancer cell subpopulation.



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