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The bulk of strong nucleosomes (SNs, with visibly periodic DNA sequences) is described by consensus pattern of 5 or 6 base runs of purines alternating with similar runs of pyrimidines - RR/YY SNs. Yet, the strongest known nucleosome positioning sequence, the 601 clone of Lowary and Widom, is rather periodic repetition of TA dinucleotides following one another every 10 bases. We located "601"-like TA-periodic sequences in the genome of A. thaliana. Several families of such sequences are discovered repeating almost exclusively in centromeres. Thus, while A. thaliana SNs of RR/YY type have strong affinity to pericentromeric regions, as it has been previously found, the SNs of TA periodic type concentrate rather in centromeres.

Original publication




Journal article


J biomol struct dyn

Publication Date





448 - 451


RR/YY SNs, TA dinucleotide, TA periodic SNs, centromere, clone 601, columns, periodicity, strong nucleosome, Arabidopsis, Base Pairing, Base Sequence, Centromere, Chromosomes, Plant, DNA, Satellite, Molecular Sequence Data, Nucleosomes, Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid