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Planned Operations for Children (0-16 years old) with Orthopaedic Conditions affecting the Lower Limb from hips to toes

Paediatric lower limb surgery group 1


 There is a lot that we still do not know about treatment options for children who present with bone and joint conditions affecting the lower limb:

  • Which children are best treated with surgery?
  • When is surgery advised?
  • How is a good recovery ensured?


If you are a patient, parent/carer or a clinician, you can help to ensure that research in this area addresses important areas of uncertainty. You can use our survey questionnaire to tell us of any unanswered questions that have affected you.


This James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership process brings patients, carers and clinicians to work together to:

  • Identify unanswered questions
  • Prioritise research questions
  • Produce a ‘top ten’ list of agreed research priorities

 - let us know how to help you -

Please take our short survey online available  here 


If you/your child (or someone you care for) are affected by lower limb orthopaedic problems and have had, or are considering an operation, your help is needed for this survey.

If you are a health care professional involved in the management of children with lower limb orthopaedic problems requiring surgical treatment your help is needed in this survey .

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