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Adam Cribbs


  • MRC Career Development Fellow

Prof Cribbs leads a computational biology team with a broad interest in systems biology, immunology and epigenetics.

He completed his Ph.D. in molecular T cell immunology at Imperial College London in May 2013. He then went on to undertake a 2-year post-doctoral scientist position investigating the epigenetics of T cell activation at the University of Oxford. Following this, he undertook a 3-year MRC Fellowship in Computational Biology (Computational Genomics and Training Centre (CGAT) program) with Prof Chris Ponting, also at the University of Oxford. Following the completion of this initial MRC fellowship, he was appointed group leader in systems biology (2018) and MRC Career Development Fellow (January 2021-2026) at the Botnar Research Centre. 

Research in the Cribbs lab is directed towards understanding disease biology from a functional genomics standpoint. We believe that advancing our understanding of the mechanisms that regulate genes, proteins and biological pathways will allow us to decipher disease processes. Ultimately, we hope to discover novel therapeutic targets for treatment of disease. These approaches are practised across several primary and secondary bone cancers such as multiple myeloma and Ewing's sarcoma, in addition to several highly collaborative projects, such as the Tendon Seed NetworkOxford-Bayer Alliance in Women’s health and Oxford Centre for Translational Myeloma research.