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Angela Truesdale

BA (Comb Hons)

Former Head of Administration

As Head of Administration I work with the Head of Department on all aspects of policy, strategic planning, development, growth and sustainability whilst enabling the administrative team to provide the services, resources, advice and information required for the Department's effective operation and growth.

I am responsible for non-academic management and administration of the Department which enables the academic and research staff to successfully discharge their teaching, research, clinical and general academic responsibilities.

I work closely with the Head of Finance, the Head of Operations of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and with the Institute Administrator of the Botnar Research Centre.

In my role I interact with the staff in the Medical Sciences Divisional office; senior administrative staff in the University; other departmental administrators, the Oxford Universities Hospital Trust; external sponsors and with other institutions.

I have a BA in African Studies & Geography from Birmingham University and worked for the British Council for 16 years, latterly as Head of the Oxford Regional Office, before I joined the University of Oxford in February 1997.

I joined this department, when it was called the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, in June 1998.