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Bryony Stott

Senior Research Technician (Histology)

After completing an undergraduate degree in Cell Biology at the University of Durham I moved to Imperial College London to start as a research technician in a cancer immunology group. One of my projects involved engineering a virus to infect cancer cells with alcohol dehydrogenase, rendering those cells more sensitive to alcohol. I then moved to the allergy and clinical immunology group at the Royal Brompton hospital and started a PhD in T-cell biology where I spent three years investigating whether interleukin-31 is important in allergic Asthma.

During my PhD I was introduced to histology and immunohistochemistry and realised I am one of those few people who really enjoy working at a microtome and producing slides and images. I was very pleased to join the Kennedy Institute in 2013 as a member of the histology facility and the Osteoarthritis pathogenesis research group. We have produced slides of practically every organ of the body now and have been lucky enough to win prizes at image competitions for our work. We also have contributed to an exhibition at the Oxford natural history museum and took part in an open evening showing members of the public the hidden art of health and disease. Over the years the facility has expanded and today we support research at the Kennedy Institute, the university and beyond!