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Cameron Brown

BEng (Medical); PhD

Associate Honorary Professor

Cameron Brown undertook his PhD at QUT, Australia, receiving the University's Outstanding Thesis prize for 2008 for his work developing characterisation techniques for cartilage and bone. He then joined the Italy-Québéc Joint Laboratory in Nanostructured Materials for Energy, Catalysis and Biomedical Applications at Università di Roma II and INRS, Université du Québec. As a FRSQ Fellow, he led an investigation into spider silk nanomechanics, particularly toughening mechanisms related to protein-water interactions, protein distribution and fibril interactions. In addition to its outstanding mechanical properties, the green chemistry and scalability of spider silk synthesis provide an excellent biomimetic target for the development of biomaterials and high performance fibre-based materials.

Dr Brown moved to the University of Oxford in 2010 to study the structure-function relationships in musculoskeletal tissues. Working at the interface of the physical, biological and clinical sciences, his research interests cover biomechanics, biophotonics and computational analysis on the nanometre to millimetre scales. Dr Brown is the Oxford lead for the Marie Curie skelGEN Project, the image analysis lead for the 7-Tesla MSK imaging programme, and the Co-Director (engineering lead) for the Oxford Arthritis Research UK Experimental Osteoarthritis Treatment Centre. Dr Brown leads the Photonics, Mechanics and Modelling of Biomedical Materials Group

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