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Danielle Robinson

Research Associate in Pharmacoepidemiology

Danielle is a recent postdoctoral statistician. Her thesis, entitled "The association between patterns of glucocorticoid therapy and bone health," was studied at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Professor Will Dixon. This exposed her to the use of routinely collected data for the assessment of drug safety. During this time she also learnt a relatively new method, the weighted cumulative exposure, which weights drug doses by how recently they were prescribed and hence allows for the comparison of a multitude of patterns of drug use from the same model. 

Danielle's recent work investigated the effect of bisphosphonate use in patients with chronic kidney disease and the effect of bariatric surgery on fracture risk. Both these projects allowed her to learn new methods whilst using routinely collected data. Her current work involves researching access to shoulder and vertebral surgeries, and trajectories of frailty progression over time.