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David Saliba

Honorary Departmental Research Associate

Isolation and characterisation of human synaptic ectosomes

I read for my Ph.D. in the University of Edinburgh working with Prof. Ted Hupp on dissecting the ubiquitination status and protein interactions of mutant and wild type p53. I then joined Prof. Irina Udalova's lab at the Kennedy Institute. Here, I identified the interaction of Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 with NF-kB subunit RelA and investigated the role of this interaction on a genome-wide level using chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by next generation sequencing. In January 2015 I joined Prof. Michael Dustin's Lab for a second post-doctoral position working on elucidating the composition and function of specific microvesicles (termed synaptic ectosomes) that are released by T cells during the formation of the immune synapse.

I am developing microbeads with supported lipid bilayer presenting selected laterally mobile molecules from antigen presenting cells as means to prepare pure synaptic ectosomes. I will then analyze the RNA and protein content of the synaptic ectosomes from different types of T cells. I will also determine the functional effects of the synaptic ectosomes on B cells in the context of germinal center reactions using in vitro and in vivo approaches.

An ERC Advanced Grant supports by work.