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Davide Simone

Rheumatology Clinical Research Fellow

  • DPhil student

My research focuses on the Th17 immune response in Spondyloarthritides.  Th17 are strong effector cells that can mediate inflammation and damage in a number of inflammatory diseases including Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Moreover, recent studies have suggested that Th17 are a very plastic cell subset. My research intends to explore, in human inflammatory arthritis, the factors influencing Th17 differentiation and pathogenicity. Our long-term aim is to develop new therapies to inhibit these immune responses.

After graduating from medical school at the Catholic University in Rome, in May 2015 I completed my training in rheumatology, during which I have been involved in both clinic and research on Spondyloarthritis. My research in Oxford is supported by the Italian Society for Rheumatology in association with the BSR.