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Edmarcia De Araujo

CRN Research Facilitator

I have worked with the University of Oxford since 2002 in a variety of roles covering Animal research. This has included working for seven years as a veterinary laboratory technician providing laboratory health screening for the animal models used by University studies. I worked for the NHS / Oxford University renal study, processing samples, before joining the OMB biobank. I am happy to have returned to my original path of Human research. My background is in Biological Science for which I studied to degree level (Brazil), and then obtained a postgraduate certificate in clinical microbiology (UK). I gained professional qualifications in Brazil as a technical nurse and also as a blood bank technician.

My job role involves providing laboratory support for studies where tissue derivatives are collected in the CTU/Wards for studies supported by the MSC CRN TV&SM. I process the samples, add records to the OMB sample inventory (Procuro) and store samples in the Biobank freezers according to recognised protocol. To some, this may sound tedious, as Procuro is not everyone’s friend. Delicately lifting samples from the -80 freezers certainly chills my hands but don’t call me the “Ice Queen”. Bearing the brunt of the Facilities Team banter is more than enough flack for me to take. I would like to thank my nitrogen buddies who help me execute my job. It is sometimes difficult to find buddies to assist with the collection of liquid nitrogen but usually manage to con my favourite victims, Fryad, Nick or Alan.

I am also a tissue coordinator for Professor Siôn Gyn-Jones, collecting tissue samples in theatre. I like this part a lot, as I feel I am living the dream, participating in an A&E program with the best view of the operations. I recruit participants at the JR site for a fracture study. I thoroughly enjoy interaction with the elderly patients who have been admitted to the JR suffering hip fractures. They provide me the opportunity to listen to the stories of their interesting lives.

I am responsible for ordering consumables in R12 for the Biobank, MSC CRN TV&SM studies.

I am also responsible for training of the MSC CRN TV&SM nurses and allied professionals in basic laboratory skills as defined in my current booklet to be published by TVCLRN.

I am extremely grateful and happy working with our team of nurses in MSC CRN TV&SM and NDORMS.