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Felix Clemens Richter

Postdoctoral Fellow

I studied molecular biology in a german-french bilingual program between the Saarland University and the University of Strasbourg. During this time, I became interested in immunology and undertook a research project investigating the role of RNAi pathways in the antiviral immune response of fruit flies. Next, I enrolled in M.Sc. program in Biomedicine at the Karolinska Institute, where I conducted a research project looking at the role of lncRNAs controlling the tumour suppressor gene p53. Following this, I was awarded a Wellcome Trust Studentship in the frames of the "infection, immunology and translational medicine" (IITM) program at the University of Oxford. During the first year this program allows the rotation through three laboratories, where I worked on a variety of different research projects reaching from structural biology to immunology.

After my rotations, I decided that I wanted to work on the role of autophagy and its role for the immune system. However, I became more interested in the cell-extrinsic effects of autophagy. Therefore, my DPhil project focuses on the role of autophagy in adipocytes for the immune system.  

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