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Feng Liu

DPhil student

I started my DPhil in NDORMS under supervision of Dr. Liye Chen and Prof. Paul Bowness from 2020.

My current research interest is to use genetics-led approach for understanding novel Immunology and Immune-mediated diseases. One important principle through my research is "from human to human" rather than starting from artificial biological models.

Before my DPhil, I finished my BEng.  under supervision of Dr. Bingfang He in Nanjing Tech University between 2015-2019, where I was trained for industrial enzymes discovery and engineering. After graduation, I joined Toplore Inc. and worked as the director of medical testing lab(NGS-based) until entry into Oxford.

My deep purpuse is to free human's mind from pains and restriction brought by our biological container. To this end, my way is to Understand more, and then we can fear less.