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Henry Lee

DPhil Student

Henry Lee graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Biochemistry in 2015. His final year project involved the purification and expression of YME1 (Mitochondrial inner membrane i-AAA protease supercomplex) and demonstrated that YME1 possessed ATP dependent self-proteolysis ability.

Following his graduation Henry started his D.Phil in Molecular and cellular medicine at St Catherines College, University of Oxford. The D.Phil project involves osteoimmunology and epigenetics, specifically focusing on cytokines prominent in rhuematoid arthritis and their effects on osteogenic differentiation. Henry implements the screening of epigenetic shRNA and compound libraries to identify key regulators of differentiation and inflammation


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3. Jin YM, Wang G, Zhang N, Wei YF, Li S, Chen YP, Chuai M, Lee HSS, Hocher B, Yang X (2015)
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