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Hila Novak

Honorary Research Associate

Cytokine signalling in the immunological synapse

I have completed my PhD in immunology at Prof. Yoram Reiter's laboratory in the Department of Biology at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. My major project involved T cell biology with emphasis on a novel subset of T cells. In addition, I was involved in other projects aimed at recruiting cytotoxic T cells for killing of malignant cells. I have extensive experience in a variety of experimental techniques and strategies in molecular and cellular immunology.

I joined Prof. Michael Dustin lab at NYU Medical Center as a postdoc to study cytokine integration in human cells at the level of the immunological synapse. Upon relocation to the Kennedy Institute in Oxford my long range goal is to determine how the dynamic organiszation of cytokine receptors in the immunological synapse influences immune cell function in health and autoimmune disorders. I make extensive use of total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy.

I am a member of the International cytokine and interferon society (ICIS-FASEB).

My work is supported by the Wellcome Trust.