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Jacqueline Thompson

BSc (Hons); MSc; MPH

Research Physiotherapist

I worked in various specialties of in- and out- patient settings before joining the Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Oxford (RRiO) team in February 2014. My role spans across contributing to the development and delivery of study interventions, systematically updating literatures and managing trial sites.

As a Research Physiotherapist, I work with a team of researchers on a clinical trial exploring the effects of physical activity on cognition in Dementia, alongside behavioural interventions to improve adherence. Currently, I am also involved in a study validating the use of a prognostic tool aimed at predicting recovery after ankle sprains in Emergency Departments (EDs) within England.

I hold a master's degree in Public health and Physiotherapy with interests in the bio-psychosocial effectiveness of exercise, as well as analytic measures aimed at improving well-being at population levels and within health care systems.