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Jinrong Lin

Visiting Dphil Student

Jinrong joined A/Prof. Mouthuy’s group at the Botnar Research Centre as a visiting DPhil student in October 2022 (funded by the China Scholarship Council). He is a second-year DPhil student from the Department of Sports Medicine at Huashan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University.

Currently, he is investigating the potential of sensor-incorporated bioreactors supported by advanced robotic shoulder systems. The innovative bioreactors closely mimic the structures and mechanics of the shoulder, while the integration of sensors allows for real-time monitoring of local mechanical stimulation of cells. By investigating this novel approach, Jinrong aims to uncover new insights in the field.

Jinrong's academic journey began with a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine from Fudan University in Shanghai, China in 2019. He then pursued a master's degree in sports medicine at Huashan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University, eventually transitioning to a doctorate program in 2021. Over the past 5 years, his research has primarily focused on rotator cuff tears and skeletal muscle injuries.

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