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Research groups

Katherine Edwards

Systematic Reviewer

I graduated from Cranfield University Defence Academy with a MSc in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology in 2013. I have participated in archaeological investigations in Turkey, Belgium, the UK and Guatemala.


From 2013 until 2018, I worked as a Research Assistant for the Epidemiology Department in NDORMS. I was primarily involved with projects that used imaging methods, such as x-rays and CT scans, for research into hip and knee osteoarthritis. During this time, I also conducted two systematic reviews, one looking at the cost-effectiveness of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation services, and the other evaluating guidelines and recommendations for the management of foot health in patients with chronic conditions. I later became the Study Co-ordinator for a HTA commissioned project comparing re-dislocation rates in patients having surgery, compared to no surgery, following a first-time traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation.


In May 2018, I began working for the Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Oxford as a Systematic Reviewer. I am currently working on a HTA commissioned study and performing an overview of systematic reviews on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.