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Research groups

Krishna Nishanthan


Clinical Trial Manager

I joined NDORMS in December 2021 as a Clinical Trial Manager and I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the DISTRACT Trial. DISTRACT is a first in human feasibility study looking at non-surgical joint distraction orthosis to treat thumb base osteoarthritis (TBOA). This Trial is being led by Chief Investigator Dr Matthew Gardiner.

I am a Biomedical Scientist by background, with several years of experience in Cellular Pathology laboratory as a Histologist. I have also completed an MSc in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research at Brunel University. I changed career direction in 2018 and stepped my foot into the research world. Prior to starting to work here at NDORMS, I was a Biobanker at the Oxford Radcliff Biobank Unit within NDS, running the day-to-day management of Lower Gastrointestinal Cancer Pathway and supporting research projects with fresh human samples.

When not working, I enjoy exploring Oxford, playing badminton and cooking up new recipes!