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Lachlan Arthur

PhB (Hons)

DPhil student

  • DPhil in Musculoskeletal Sciences
  • Member of the Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre (OOEC)
  • Rhodes Scholar (South Australia & Green Templeton, 2021)

Aspiring orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in improving surgical care through innovative clinical research.

My research aims to improve the outcomes of unicompartmental knee replacements by optimising the surgical instrumentation used for these procedures. I am completing this work under the supervision of Professor David Murray and Associate Professor Stephen Mellon in the Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre.

The focus of my work is the Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, the world’s most widely used unicompartmental knee replacement. I will optimise and test prototype instruments for the Oxford Knee procedure with the aim of these instruments being introduced into clinical practice to make the procedure easier and more reproducible, especially for low-volume surgeons. It is hoped these optimisations will improve surgical outcomes and increase the use of the Oxford Knee and other unicompartmental knee replacements.

Prior to moving to Oxford, I was a medical student at the Australian National University where I also completed a Bachelor of Philosophy in Science, graduating with First Class honours in Medical Research in 2018. I was awarded the 2021 Rhodes Scholar for South Australia and subsequently took program leave from medical school to complete my DPhil.

Outside of my academic life I compete in long distance running events, primarily marathons and half marathons, as a member of the Oxford University Cross Country and Athletics Clubs. I also represent the Oxford University Australian Rules Football Club and row as a member of the Green Templeton College Boat Club.

Upon completion of my DPhil, I will return to Australia to complete my final year of medical school. I then plan to apply to orthopaedic surgical training and intend to have a career as an orthopaedic surgeon with research interests aimed at advancing surgical practice across Australia and the surrounding Asia-Pacific region.