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Lorenzo Ramos-Mucci

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Focus on single-cell transcriptomics and spatial mapping of tendons

Postdoctoral researcher with an interest in mapping the human tendon and musculoskeletal applications.

I studied biomedical engineering at Yale University (BSc) and worked as a Research Technician at Massachusetts General Hospital before continuing my studies in biomedical engineering at the University of Twente (MSc). I then completed my Ph.D. in Musculoskeletal Biology at the University of Liverpool focusing on ligaments in murine osteoarthritic models under the supervision of Prof. Comerford, Dr. Poulet, and Prof. Elsheikh.
In 2020, I joined NDORMS as a postdoctoral researcher for the Tendon Seed Network working with Assoc. Prof. Snelling, Dr. Cribbs, and Dr. Baldwin. Our work is also part of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Musculoskeletal Biological Network.

Tendon Seed Network

Developing methods for spatial mapping (spatial transcriptomics and multiplex imaging), and analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

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